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Industrial parts washers manufacturer including, aqueous part washers, automotive part washers, spray washers, aqueous cleaning systems, and parts cleaning equipment.

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Need a car parts washer but you're concerned about the environment? A Renegade car parts washer system for your car parts is the safest and most effective parts washing method. A Renegade water based car parts washer does not contain or emit any harmful chemicals, it's non-toxic, leaves no fumes, and is non-flammable. It's an effective and safe way of cleaning the your car parts.

A regular car parts washer uses solvents and chemicals that can be harmful for the environment and also for the people cleaning the car parts. A Renegade car parts washer has many advantages, it's a simple to use car parts washer, that uses heated water based detergent for cleaning. It's electric powered, portable and relatively easy to move around if needed. One of the most prominent features of this type of washer is that it does not raise any health issues and your employees will face no health hazards. They will be saved from skin allergies, breathing problems, eye irritation and similar other hazards.

Best of all it cleans your car parts better than you might expect!


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