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Parts Washer Customer Testimonials

"As you know Shelby Enterprises has been looking at solvent free parts washers for over two years. During this time we have had the opportunity to meet with and try several systems on the market. At the beginning of our search we were not at all happy with the systems available. They would cause rust or leave a deposit on our supposedly clean parts! This was not acceptable. We decided to let the parts washer people "fight it out" to see what system came out on top in the end. I'm happy to tell you that your Renegade Solvent Free Parts Washers are the best we have seen. They are able to handle any cleaning chores we throw at it. The friendly service we also receive from you helps make this a good choice in cleaning systems for Carroll Shelby Enterprises, We look forward to working with you in our future cleaning needs."

Michael LeFevers
Director of Engine Research
Carroll Shelby Enterprises

"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the parts washers we purchased from you. I've had nothing but positive feedback from all my techs, not to mention the money I save not using Safety-Kleen! I do appreciate your professionalism and personable service. Don't even think of going anywhere! I'll hunt you down!"

Ron Bailey
Service Manager
Lake Chevrolet
Lake Ellsinore, CA

"Everyone loves the Parts Washers. Renegade Parts Washers put Safety-Kleen to shame, and your professionalism is 2nd to none."

Sam Barnett
Service Manager
Crest Chevrolet
San Bernardino, CA

"As you are aware we purchased nine Renegade Parts Washers from you and have greatly reduced our cleaning solvent consumption, and are very pleased with the overall performance of the equipment. However, as any company would try to save money, we searched the country for a more competitively priced detergent to be used in the parts washers. We found and tried several different types, the results were devastating. Our technicians broke out with several different types of skin diseases ranging from dermatitis, to allergic reactions. We switched back to the renegade detergent six months ago and we haven't had any more skin problems.

In closing, I want to not only thank you for a good quality machine, but also for creating a detergent that can be used safely by my technicians."

Dean Wyatt
Service Director
Attica Hydraulic Exchange CORP.
Chesterfield, MI

"We are very pleased with the Renegade solvent free parts-washer we have purchased. The results have been excellent."

Curt Vossekuil
Service Manager
Best Ford
Wauwatosa, WI

"The Renegade parts-washer has performed excellent for us. It has provided us with a safer working environment for our employees.

We have been looking for a portable user-friendly parts washer, free of solvents and no aerosol fumes, being biodegradable and heated is a big plus."

Tom Gracz
Service Manager
Hiller Ford
Franklin, WI

"We have had the Renegade system in place on a demonstration basis for a little over a month now. After having this time under our belt I have asked both of my mechanics there opinion of this system. Both of them have said they are satisfied with the results of the Renegade wash system. The things they like are: it is less irritating to the skin, soap is always warm, unit is mobile so they can move it to the area they are working in, and it appears to clean most parts that we work with at our location as well as solvent. "

Shane Wood
Prime Service. Inc.
Redmond, OR

"We have been using your "Renegade, Solvent free solutions", parts washer in my 'Automotive Repair" shops, since the day you delivered it to US and we're very pleased with it. It's amazing that it does just as good a Job as the old type washers, without the use of solvents.

The mechanics are very happy with it. No more dry hurting hands due to the use of solvents and the large basin like tub with tools included on wheels makes it real handy for a lot of things that they wouldn't ordinarily be able to do.

I like the fact that it's much cleaner to use, and less expensive. I would most definitely recommend the use of your "Renegade, parts washer", to anyone in the automotive repair field."

A-1 Smog & Auto Repair
Riverside, CA

"We have been using Renegade parts washers in 20 of our automotive service shops for almost 3 years now, and are very pleased with the results. They work just as good solvents, but much cleaner and less expensive. Technicians love it because it doesn't dry out their skin and they can wash their hands in it,

I would encourage anyone considering this system to give it a try. I'm sure you'll be impressed."

Aryn Fix
Assistant District Manager
Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.

"We must admit that when you originally approached us with this piece of equipment, we were skeptical. How is it possible that a parts washer can get parts clean with only soap and warm water? We've put it to the test and the parts cleaner just keeps cleaning. There are a few key points that we find particularly attractive.

The soap used with the Renegade Part Cleaner is biodegradable. With the other parts cleaner we used, harsh solvents were needed. This proves to be inefficient and dangerous. Due to the fumes produced by such solvents, it was necessary to locate the parts washer in a very well ventilated area. Once in place, it cannot be moved. Since the Renegade Part Cleaner uses a mild soap there are no fumes. In fact, it smells like lemons. This allows the Renegade Parts Cleaner to be very mobile. We can take the parts washer to the part, not the part to the parts washer. Also, the soap is non flammable. As we're sure you are aware of, there is a high potential for fire from the use and storage of cleaning chemicals and solvents. The fire marshal and the City of Kent are pleased with both of these facts. The soap has eliminated two potentially dangerous situations; health hazard from exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and solvents and fire hazard from storage of such cleaning chemicals and solvents.

Another key feature we like about the Renegade Part Cleaner, it is easy to use and easy to maintain. We no longer need to have a hazardous materials disposal come to our shop to dispose of the waste. Because the soap is biodegradable, we can use more cost effective methods of disposal. We find the spay nozzle on the Renegade Parts Cleaner to also be quite useful. We sometimes find it hard to believe that it cleans the parts as fast as it does. This little bit of time saved can make the difference in a piece of equipment getting repaired in time for rent or sale.

All of us here have cleaned everything from bearings to cylinders. In our opinion, we feel that the Renegade Parts Cleaner is the safest and fastest way to clean parts. The fire department and we think that the Renegade Parts Cleaner is the way to go. We intend to suggest the Renegade Parts Cleaner to our Division Service Manager in hopes that more stores can attain this system."

Service Dept.
Rental Service Corp.
Kent, WA

"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Renegade parts washer we bought from you. The parts washer does everything we have asked it to do and best of all has gotten us totally away from solvents.

I would strongly recommend this parts washer to any shop looking to convert to a more environmentally friendly and user friendly parts cleaning system."

Mike Hicks
Capitol Transmission
Citrus Heights, CA

"As mechanics and service personnel we face the use of hazardous chemicals everyday. We thought that a solvent based parts washer was just a fact of life. That is until northwest distributors came along with their superb solvent free parts washer. This machine has consistently outperformed our old machine. We are thrilled not to have to be sticking our hands in solvent anymore."

Columbia County Road Department
St. Helena, OR

"Approximately 2 years ago we installed 5 Renegade aqueous based parts washers in our engine rebuild center, due to the complaints we were receiving from our technicians (health hazards, hands, fumes, etc.)

Upon installing these units we have been more than satisfied, our waste stream has been drastically reduced, and our technicians have been completely happy.

Based on our experience with the Renegade parts washers I would recommend this product to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they must use hazardous chemicals to clean parts. I feel that, as well as the Renegade works in our environment (diesel soot and heavy grease that is often found in the heavy equipment industry) it should be a perfect solution to almost any application."

Don Austin
Service Director
Fabco Equipment Inc.
Madison, WI

"We have purchased the Renegade parts washer recently. The product performance is excellent and the cost savings on brake cleaner, alone is enough to make the monthly payment. We are very satisfied with the flexibility and mobility of the machine."

Marlee Christians, owner
Vic's Auto Body, Inc.
Horicon, WI

“I’d like to take a moment to talk about the Renegade parts washing system. We’ve been looking over the years to find an alternative to solvents. We were concerned about the technician’s safety and health as well as getting away from paying extremely high environmental fees. We demoed the Renegade system for approximately two weeks and we are more than satisfied with the cleaning ability of the unit. In my opinion, this is the best alternative to a solvent based cleaning solution we’ve seen to date. My thumbs and forefingers used be dry cracked and would bleed. Since we’ve gotten the Renegade they’ve healed up. It works real well, and it cleans real good. It’s a good machine. I really like it.”

Don Simmonson
Simmonson Automotive
Pasco, WA

“I’m here to introduce the Renegade Parts Washers. By far this is the best machine out on the market. We’ve tried many of the competitor’s machines. It cleans all sorts of grease. Doesn’t matter if it’s in Idaho, Oregon, Washington where ever, all the grease is the same. It’s been a pleasure not smelling the solvent smell anymore. Renegade is the best.”

Jesse Brown
State Transmissions
Pasco, WA

“We’re an aircraft maintenance facility. I’ve been using the Renegade parts washer for a little over two years and a number of good things have occurred. One, our solvent usage is almost zero, and two our hands are not only clean but also soft and not all dried out like with solvent. We work on a fair number of aircraft here and we’ve been very pleased with Renegade. It has served us well and we’ve had no problems with it what so ever.”

Charles Swain
Beaver Aviation
Juneau, WI

“I’m proud to talk about our Renegade parts washers. Been really good to us so far and we’ve had it over a year. As far as being user friendly, it’s probably better than any other washer out there. As far as cleaning wise, it just does a great job. No harmful fumes or anything like that to deal with. It does work really good, even on tough stuff that a lot of other units won’t work on. It’s just been really good to us.”

Caroline Implement
Marion, WI

“We are the largest Ford dealership in the Madison area. I just want to take a moment to share with you the success we’ve had with the Renegade parts washing system. Back in ’98 we considered going with this system based on Federal regulations and actually getting to the level of being a large generator of hazardous waste. At that time we made a decision to go with a non-hazardous water based solution, and it’s been a great success. We were very concerned with our technicians that have been with the facility for a long time, and how the parts cleaning change was going to work. I’ve had no complaints. I think the systems we have in place work very well, and the service that’s been provided is excellent as well. It’s been a great success for us. We’ve had no irritations to the skin with this solution. It’s just been a great program for us. Thanks a lot.”

Tim Douglas
Kayser Ford

“We’ve really solved a problem that we’ve had with solvent tanks. With all the poisons, and the EPA problems that you have with solvent. The Renegade solvent free system is just great. It’s a soap and water system that just works great. I just can’t tell you how much we like this over solvent. It’s a winner.”

Jim Macklin
Pasco Machine Company
Pasco, WA



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