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Industrial parts washers manufacturer including, aqueous part washers, automotive part washers, spray washers, aqueous cleaning systems, and parts cleaning equipment
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Parts Washer Customer Testimonials

The parts washer is honestly the best looking machine I have seen in a while compared to other options of its kind. We have finally set it up and began using it and the warehouse guys love it. Not only does it do a great job at busting off grit and grime from the parts, but it makes the warehouse smell great. I look forward to purchasing more of your products as our company expands and I will definitely pass the word around about the quality of your product and service.

Michael A. Rivera
Pacific Aviation Group

Our sales rep was very knowledgeable. The ordering process was simple. There were many machines to choose from and they knew the exact one we needed. Renegade's technical staff was happy to speak with our electrician to coordinate just what was needed for installation. We were sent pictures of the progress as our parts washer was actually being built and it was delivered ahead of schedule. And in the end it performs far better than we expected. We couldn't be happier. Thanks Renegade!

Roverland Parts, Inc.
Tampa, FL

"The Renegade parts washer since we’ve been using it has cut down our cleaning times by about half. It runs a load twice as quick as the Cuda parts washer does. The automatic water fill system is nice on it; you never have to worry about running out of water. It’s got a self timer to skim the oil off it every night when you’re not using it, plus a timer to turn it on every day that’s programmable. It seems to be working well. It cleans the parts better than what the Cuda did and it’s a lot quieter. We’ve been very happy with it ever since we’ve gotten it. We’ve had it for about a year. We had some concerns about not being able to fit transmissions into it. We found that the E40D fits in there, the AX4 and the AX4S, all the front wheel drive transmissions fit. I haven’t found one yet that we work on that we haven’t been able to get in there. The nice thing about having the Renegade washers with the water based soap in it is we’ve gotten completely rid of all the harsh solvents in the shop. We wash all of our valve bodies in the manual parts washer. There are no hazardous wastes to contend with. You skim the oil off it and you dump it in your oil drain every day.

It just seems to be a very convenient system to use."

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Mel Mravik
Trans Works Transmission, LLC
Portage, WI

"It's not just your product that makes Renegade valuable, its your customer service and its flexibility. My sales representative has been very helpful in designing a system that I can use. I had ordered the 7000 and used it for a month, but found it not to be the right product. It's great for thoroughly cleaning large parts when extremely short cycle time isn't an issue. The fact that the cleaner is pumped from the bottom of the tank and filtered make a lot of sense. No oil gets recirculated! We returned the 7000 for a 4000, and added a foot switch. I can now run to the washer, clean a part, and start inspecting it thirty seconds after it comes of the lathe. Your service department helped me wire the switch to the control box over the telephone, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. The sales rep calls me periodically to make sure everything is OK, and gives me an opportunity to order more supplies - no pressure!"

Brian W. Gilman
Opera Medical Components

“Renegade had asked me just to kind of talk a little bit about the experience we’ve had with our washing solutions that we’ve gotten from them. About two years ago we made the decision to change from a solvent base or at least to try the water and detergent based systems. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were willing to give it a try. We’ve had experiences in the past with the solvent based. People don’t like the smell, they didn’t like to get there bare hands in the solvent solution and I can understand that because I never did either. And then we always had the additional expense of having to deal with the disposition of the solvent once it had been used, and that has gotten more and more expensive. So, we thought we’d give it a try and we’ve been more than pleased with the results that we’ve gotten from the Renegade systems. We started out with one on a trial basis. We used it in here in the tool room, and we had very good luck with it. We found that we could, by varying the temperature, that we could either use it cooler and get our bare hands involved in some smaller parts where it was harder to use rubber gloves. Or, we could turn the temperature up a little bit, put the gloves on and get rid of some of the grime and grease that we have to deal with here. And we found the system to be more than satisfactory so we expanded it. We put one in our maintenance department and we also put one in our die casting department. The system that we have in our die casting department, by all means, gets the most extreme exposure out there because we have mold components that get a lot of caked on and built up grease and residue from the die casting process, and it works more than adequately out there. So we’ve been very, very happy with the systems that we’ve had. We’ve got those three currently, and we’re in the process of putting in another one in our CNC machining department, and we expect the same results out there. So I have nothing but positive statements to say about the systems that we use. We’re very happy with them and we probably will be adding more systems as we have the need in the future, and we expect to have the same experience. I also would like to add the technical and support that we’ve had from Renegade has been excellent. Every time we’ve had an applications question, we’ve called Renegade, they’ve come over. The response time has been really good. We’ve managed to work the problem out and find a solution to whatever the problem was that we’ve had, and their maintenance support has been really good. If we have a problem with one of our units we give them a call tell them what it is, and they take care of it in a very timely manner. So our experience with the Renegade systems has been real positive overall.”

Mike Young
Zinga Industries
Reedsburg, WI

“We use this parts washer to clean our squeegee's and our screens. We like that it works better than the other water-based parts washer we had in here, and that it seems like you go through a lot less soap. Plus the service gal calls every so many weeks to see how the washer is running and to let us know about any specials that you guys are running. Everything so far has worked great for us. I would recommend it whole heartedly and anyone who has any questions about how well it works for screen printing can call me anytime.”

Lloyd Peterson
North Castle Specialties
Winona, MN

“I guess what we like about the Renegade the most is obviously that it’s solvent free, so it has none of the hazards associated with them. I was impressed with the cleaning ability. We were a little weary at the start about water cleaning ink, but from what the pressman has told me it’s as good or better than what we were receiving with the solvent based parts washer. Having it be solvent free along with the cleaning ability are probably the two best attributes. Prior to this our waste solvents were picked up from the previous company and now that we’ve been cleared for general discharge into the local sewer we are able to negate that cost which is a big savings to the company. As I said before as a print shop we were a little wary of a water based cleaner for ink, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised and I would recommend it to other printers.”

Dick Quinn
Owner - Ideal Printing
Verona, WI

“The two years on the unit have served us well; we’ve washed a lot of parts in it using the powdered soap. We just had the unit rebuild with some upgrades, had it back about a week now and it works well. The improvement of the gas shocks works excellent; it keeps you from getting steam in your face. The improvements to the timer and the water-fill system are excellent. We used to use solvent. We went through a lot of solvent, and for the operators purpose we changed. Got to keep your hands out of the solvents, and we work with a lot of heavy grease parts. At least 3-4 times a month we’ll go through 200-300 parts. We like the Renegade real well.”

LaVern Gher
Addison Machine
Reedsburg, WI

“My first experience with the Renegade parts washer was about 4 years ago. I tried the manual parts washer in my shop, and even though it cleaned well, I decided not to buy it because it was too expensive. At that time, I decided to buy a “competitors” water base parts washer for at least 1/3 the purchase cost of the Renegade. After struggling with the cleaning performance of this cheaper water base parts cleaner for several years, I again contacted Renegade to help me out. Renegade brought their Manual parts washer back in. With in a very short time period, my techs unanimously agreed that the Renegade performed beyond their expectations. Also, the techs really like the portability to do brake jobs as well as it has drastically reduced our purchase of brake clean solvent."

“I would strongly recommend that every Midas store incorporate the Renegade parts washer into their service department.”

Hugh Boeset
Midas Franchisee
Six locations in Illinois

“Once the guys got used to it and they understood how it operates they all really liked it. The thing that I like about it is you put the parts in there and walk away. It’s like having a third hand or a silent partner. I’ve cleaned a lot of different things in there that have been really cruddy. There was a grease gun that had been up in a tower for years so when I brought it down it didn’t look like it was even worth working on, but I stuck it in the auto wash there and you can see this grease gun still has a lot of life left in it. If I wouldn’t have been able to clean it up, it would’ve been something that was thrown away and it would’ve cost us money to replace it. We have some couplers out here that are really just a huge ball of grease. We put them in there and walk away and when they come out they are all cleaned up. It does an excellent job on parts where you can’t hardly get into. The few problems that we did have, we got them taken care of fairly quickly. Both units are nice and portable. We had to rebuild a machine out there. We took the manual unit right out there. You take the parts off, clean them, and put them right back on. It saves a lot of walking time. I don’t think we’ve ever had a solvent tank here that was portable. Plus it’s great to be able to wash your hands and clean yourself up in the manual unit. The few solvent tanks we have in here are on there way out. We’re satisfied with what these units will do for anything we need to have done.”

Vic Machovec
Grede Foundry
Reedsburg, WI

“The number one thing we like about it is the health factor. You’re away from solvent and having to breathe in those fumes and ingesting it through your skin. it is also extremely time saving. For instance you can work and clean at the same time and it does a better job cleaning. We haven’t had any problems with it except minor problems that have been taken care of right away. The customer service has been excellent. The customer service is great because they call periodically to see how it’s doing or if you need something. It’s probably one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in my shop. It really works well. I’d highly recommend it.”

Al Doering
North Freedom Repair
North Freedom, WI

"We recently purchased a Renegade Parts Washer for the Equipment Repair Shop. We would like to say how much we like the solvent free parts washer. It does a great job and we are very pleased with the parts washer. We also have students from high school that work for us on a "Work to School" program. We feel very safe knowing that their safety is not a factor. We also find it to be very cost effective compared to our previous solvent parts washer.

The new solvent free parts washer has been a great addition to our shop.

Thanks so much."

Don Townsend
Department of Maintenance & Plant Operations
School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

"About four years ago, I found myself in a position where I was on the verge of losing one of the best transmission rebuilders that I had ever employed due to a skin rash caused by the cleaning solvent that we were using to clean small transmission parts. As we all know, good rebuilders who are good employees are a rare breed, so I began to research alternative methods for cleaning valve bodies and small parts and happened to come across the Renegade product.

We purchased our Renegade Parts Cleaner system, and I can honestly tell you that we will never go back to cleaning parts with solvents or mineral spirits. The machine has been virtually trouble free, and cleans parts as well or better than we ever could using solvents, without all of the environmental concerns. It has been a good fit for our shop and I have no reservations about recommending it to other dealers."

Don Scott, Owner
AAMCO Transmissions
Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs Colorado


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