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Industrial parts washers manufacturer including, aqueous part washers, automotive part washers, spray washers, aqueous cleaning systems, and parts cleaning equipment
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TMB 4000 Parts Washer TMB 8100 Parts Washer
TMB 4000 manual parts washer
TMB 8100 Parts Washer
TMB 4000

20 Gallon Base
36"x26" Sink
Portable (5 Heavy Duty Casters)
High Volume Heavy Duty Pump (centrifugal)
1100 Watt Heater
Low Water Shut-Off
Low Water Alarm
Adjustable Thermostat (150 degrees max.)
Single Cartridge Filtration System
Scrub Pad Holder
Sink Support
Main Fountain
Flow Thru Scrub Brush
Flow Thru Detail Brush
Parts Magnet
Power Nozzle
Brush Kit
Sink Insert Sediment Tray w/Foam
Oil Absorbent Towel Holder
Heavy Duty Wall Construction
Total Outside Dimensions - L(31.0") x W(40.5") x H(40.5")

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TMB 8100

220v Model
Heavy Duty 11 gauge steel
3hp heavy duty sealless pump
Pump 75gpm @ 40psi
Automatic Low Level Shut Down
Oil Skimmer with programmable 7-day Timer
7-Day Digital Heat Timer
0-30 Minute Wash Cycle Timer
Safety Door Switch
Parts Tree
Max Temperature 195 degrees max.
Motor Driven Spray Manifold
Load Large Parts With Ease
Maximum Loading Capacity 500lbs
Total Workspace Area - L(22.5") x W(32.5") x H(20.5")
Total Outside Dimensions - L(47.0") x W(54.0") x H(46")
Total Amp Draw - 37 amps / 40 amp service

Your parts are cleaned in a High Temperature, High pressure environment that gives you complete 360 degree cleaning performance that leaves your parts dirt and grime free every time!

Customer Testimonials:

Once the guys got used to it and they understood how it operates they all really liked it. The thing that I like about it is you put the parts in there and walk away. It’s like having a third hand or a silent partner. I’ve cleaned a lot of different things in there that have been really cruddy. There was a grease gun that had been up in a tower for years so when I brought it down it didn’t look like it was even worth working on, but I stuck it in the auto wash there and you can see this grease gun still has a lot of life left in it. If I wouldn’t have been able to clean it up, it would’ve been something that was thrown away and it would’ve cost us money to replace it. We have some couplers out here that are really just a huge ball of grease. We put them in there and walk away and when they come out they are all cleaned up. It does an excellent job on parts where you can’t hardly get into. The few problems that we did have, we got them taken care of fairly quickly. Both units are nice and portable. We had to rebuild a machine out there. We took the manual unit right out there. You take the parts off, clean them, and put them right back on. It saves a lot of walking time. I don’t think we’ve ever had a solvent tank here that was portable. Plus it’s great to be able to wash your hands and clean yourself up in the manual unit. The few solvent tanks we have in here are on there way out. We’re satisfied with what these units will do for anything we need to have done.”

Vic Machovec
Grede Foundry
Reedsburg, WI


“The number one thing we like about it is the health factor. You’re away from solvent and having to breathe in those fumes and ingesting it through your skin. it is also extremely time saving. For instance you can work and clean at the same time and it does a better job cleaning. We haven’t had any problems with it except minor problems that have been taken care of right away. The customer service has been excellent. The customer service is great because they call periodically to see how it’s doing or if you need something. It’s probably one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in my shop. It really works well. I’d highly recommend it.”

Al Doering
North Freedom Repair
North Freedom, WI


"We recently purchased a Renegade Parts Washer for the Equipment Repair Shop. We would like to say how much we like the solvent free parts washer. It does a great job and we are very pleased with the parts washer. We also have students from high school that work for us on a "Work to School" program. We feel very safe knowing that their safety is not a factor. We also find it to be very cost effective compared to our previous solvent parts washer.

The new solvent free parts washer has been a great addition to our shop.

Thanks so much."

Don Townsend
Department of Maintenance & Plant Operations
School District of Palm Beach County, Florida


"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the parts washers we purchased from you. I've had nothing but positive feedback from all my techs, not to mention the money I save not using Safety-Kleen! I do appreciate your professionalism and personable service. Don't even think of going anywhere! I'll hunt you down!"

Ron Bailey
Service Manager
Lake Chevrolet
Lake Ellsinore, CA


"As you are aware we purchased nine Renegade Parts Washers from you and have greatly reduced our cleaning solvent consumption, and are very pleased with the overall performance of the equipment. However, as any company would try to save money, we searched the country for a more competitively priced detergent to be used in the parts washers. We found and tried several different types, the results were devastating. Our technicians broke out with several different types of skin diseases ranging from dermatitis, to allergic reactions. We switched back to the renegade detergent six months ago and we haven't had any more skin problems.

In closing, I want to not only thank you for a good quality machine, but also for creating a detergent that can be used safely by my technicians."

Dean Wyatt
Service Director
Attica Hydraulic Exchange CORP.
Chesterfield, MI



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