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Industrial parts washers manufacturer including, aqueous part washers, automotive part washers, spray washers, aqueous cleaning systems, and parts cleaning equipment
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TMB LT-80 Parts Washer
Parts Washer - Usage: Immersion / Agitation Cleaning Applications

Parts Washer Manufactured In The USA

TMB LT-80 Parts Washer

Parts Washer TestimonialsThe Renegade LT-80 Immersion Parts Washer that has been exclusively designed, engineered, and developed to be low maintenance, and cost effective.

Parts Washer Specifications:

34" x 25.5" x 18" working area
250lb Load Capacity

6.75KW Heater
Max Solution Temperature 185 degrees
Sump Capacity - 118 Gallons

Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel Construction
Automatic Low Water Level Shut Down
7-Day Programmable Wash Timer
0-60 Minute Adjustable Wash Cycle Timer
Oil Skimmer with programmable 7-day Timer
Washer Door Safety Switch

Parts Washer Size and Weight:

Height - 50 inches
Width - 75 inches
Depth - 29 inches
Shipping Weight - 715 lbs

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Parts Washer Options

Small Parts Basket

Small Parts Basket
1035 Small Parts Basket - 8x8x4 Small Parts Basket - 8x8x4
1034 Small Parts Basket - 12x16x6 Small Parts Basket - 12x16x6
1036 Large Parts Basket - 6x10x14 Large Parts Basket - 6x10x14

Parts Washer Small Parts Basket keeps your small parts together for optimum cleaning and prevents small parts from falling down into the base of the parts washer. Galvanized steel construction

Small Parts Basket
Parts Washer Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer
Belt Style

EL7113 110v Oil Skimmer - Belt Style 110v Oil Skimmer - Belt Style

Oil skimmer removes built up oil every night after the parts washer solution has settled. Stainless steel belt skims oil from the top removing it from your parts washer.

Parts Washer Oil Skimmer


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