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Industrial Parts Washer with Custom Fixtures

Custom Parts Washer with Custom Stationary Fixture Custom Parts Washer with Custom Rotating Fixture

Specialized Fixtures for blasting debris & dirt from blind spots

Parts Washer Custom Fixtures (Stationary)

Door Directed Nozzles

Our custom made fixture has 181 strategically directed nozzles, to make sure every opening, crevice & nook in each part is cleaned of every loose chip properly. As you can see on the left, is a picture of the Vertical Door Spray Nozzles, and the picture on the right is the custom made fixture inside the machine, with brackets to hold the part circle in blue, and all of the spray nozzle locations circled in red on both pictures. With the wash pump running at 25HP, it pumps 460 gallons per minute (at 70 PSI); Effectively making each nozzle output 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Inside Machine Directed Nozzles

Parts Washer Custom Fixtures (Rotating)

Rotating Fixture Top View

Our custom made rotating fixture has 56 nozzles, strategically directed to spray water into each crevice & hole to push out any lose chips. On the left is a top view of our fixture and on the right is the bottom side of the fixture. Each nozzle spray point is circled in red, and the clamps to hold the part in place are highlighted in blue. This fixture has 110 gallons per minute water flow (at 45 PSI); Effectively pushing out 2.1 gallons per minute through each spray nozzle.

Rotating Fixture Bottom View
Watch the Robotically Loaded Parts Washer In Action Watch the Rotating fixture in Action

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