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Industrial Parts Washer Options


Filtration Options

OPT146 3hp and 5hp Filtration Pump
OPT174 3hp and 5hp Filtration Pump, Stainless Steel
OPT124 7.5hp Filtration Pump
OPT125 7.5hp Filtration Pump, Stainless Steel
OPT126 10hp Filtration Pump
OPT127 10hp Filtration Pump, Stainless Steel

Auto-Fill Options

OPT121 Auto-Fill with Soap Injector

Air Options

OPT159 Hot Air Drying
OPT159 Cold Air Drying
OPT130 Shop Air Blow-Off

Water Options

OPT118 Hot Water Rinse
OPT118 Cold Water Rinse
OPT101 Rinse To Drain

Pump Options

EL10300 3hp Solution Pump
EL7377 5hp Solution Pump
EL8335 7.5hp Solution Pump
EL9870 10hp Solution Pump

Additional Custom Options

CUSTOM Custom Part Fixtures
CUSTOM Automatic Door Opener
CUSTOM PLC Integration
CUSTOM Crane Access Hatch
OPT173 Digital Hour Meter
OPT178 Digital Temperature Meter
OPT102 Jog Switch
OPT103 Parts Tree
OPT104 Parts Tree, Stainless Steel
OPT179 Parts Tumbler



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